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Jumbos added to West Cornwall Luggers

More on "Boy Willie" found at last - a truly amazing story (Revised June 6th 2014)

More news on Pet (March 30th 2014)

New Sailing Programme 2014 (March 14th 2014)

Jauary 2014 Newsletter

Autumn Newsletter 2013

Newlyn Fish Festival 2013 (September 19th 2013)

New shot of Guide Me from Judy Brickhill (September 19th 2013)

More of Grace (September 19th 2013)

Gordon Frickers Marine Artist in our Sketches section (September 19th 2013)

More recent PASAB shots (September 19th 2013)

"Happy Return" comes back to Penzance from work at Gweek (April 12th 2013)

Work concludes on new keel (April 12th 2013)

New Sailing Programme 2013 Revision 1 (April 9th 2013)

Progress on new keel (31st january 2013, 28th December 2012, 27th, 25th November 2012)

facebook page set-up with links (November 24th 2012)

Happy Return laid-up for restoration work and a new keel (November 2012)

Ibis FY 519 (New Page) towed into Newlyn (September 5th 2012)

Mousehole Sea, Salts & Sail 2012 (July 6 - 8th 2012)

Peel Castle PZ17 - New page (July 10th 2012)

Reliance at Newlyn (July 9th 2012)

Youtube video of Snowdrop sailing (July 9th 2012)

More news about Ocean Pride (July10th 2012)

New Sailing Programme 2012 (May 23rd 2012) Revised (May 20th 2012)

Revised Membership Forms (pdf) with sailing preferences and bank details (March 2012)

Anna Cattermole working as artist in residence with Luke Powell of Working Sail documenting the build of his latest pilot cutter Freja (Nov 2011)

Happy Return passing the Wolf during Penzance Sailing Club's 2011 PASAB (Sept 2011)

"Weekend of Sail in Newlyn", Use of Sweeps & Newlyn Fish Festival 2011 (August 29th 2011)

More on Guide Me (August 29th 2011)

Links Updated and Reciprocal Links Checked (August 29th 2011)

Site Map link made more user friendly (August 15th 2011)

Reinactment Corbeau de Mer 2010 at Newlyn (New 14th August 2011)

Ireland (New 7th July 2011)

East of Falmouth (New 6th July 2011)

Looe Lugger Regatta (Revised 14th June 2011) and "Happiest Crew Trophy

Old Quay Newlyn ( New March 12th 2011)

New Sailing Programme 2011 (Revised May 2011)

Pet Sinks plus Update (October 2010)

Ocean Pride Sold (July 2010)

Sketches by Jean-Marie Guivarc'h - Happy Return's visit to l'Aberwrac'h (New August 2010)

Luggers of Falmouth Marine School (New 2010)