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Local and World Weather

Useful links to local and world weather sites and to a few sites relevant to the sea around West Cornwall.


BBC Weather
BBC Weather News: Opens up in the Penzance area Cornwall, but you can then navigate to where you wish.

Penzance Weather
Local Penzance Weather: This opens up in the Penzance area but you can use this link to find the weather anywhere in the world including progressive satellite imagery and forecasts.

Shipping Forecast
UK Shipping Forecast: The Met Office again with the current shipping forecast for inshore waters of the UK giving a wealth of information to mariners.

Weather Online
Weather Online: Detailed two week charts with global weather forecasts from various worldwide agencies. An excellent site for weather enthusiasts with an unlimited amount of data - worth a look.

Metcheck: Up to 14 days weather forecast on this site which opens here in the UK. Weather is documented for many parts of the world.

National Data Buoy Centre
National Data Buoy Centre: Detailed real time weather reports from ocean buoys. This link opens up in the UK but you can navigate to reports world-wide.

Magic Seaweed

Magic Seaweed: An excellent site showing wind strength, pressure, swell, sea temperature and wave period in the UK and the world with a 7 day forecast. A surfing site widely used by fishermen.

Ship Plotter
Passing Ships Lands End: ShipPlotter displays complete information about ships that are within VHF range of this position using the Universal Automatic Identification System (AIS).

The Weather Channel
The Weather Channel: 10 day forecast globally, here it opens at Penzance.

Lands End Weather
Lands End Weather: Loads of info with webcams of the current conditions at Lands End with wind speed, direction, pressure, temperature, rainfall, and so-on including historic 12 hour data. There are also loads of interesting links.