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A marine artist who contacted the association for details on luggers at the time of HMS Pickle.

This is an abbreviation of his emails:-

"By way of introduction you can find my work on am best known for "Roaring Forties" and for "I have urgent dispatches" - I am working on a new painting of HM Schooner Pickle. You may be familiar with Pickle, the vessel carried the news of Trafalgar and the death on Nelson to England?

We know from her log Pickle passed Mounts bay in light airs on the morning of 4.11.05. Pickle was carrying the Trafalgar dispatch.

I'd like to show some Cornish luggers, possibly cheekily, 'borrow' some of the existing luggers as a little 'in' jest.

You are possible aware there is a local story denied by some academics, that Pickle spoke with Cornish luggers in Mounts Bay and that is the intended subject of my new painting.

As one who lived in Cornwall for many years, worked with Cornishmen and sailed Cornish waters it is my conjecture that the story is true and needs a new painting.

Any information you can send me about Mounts Bay luggers in the early 19th century will be of great interest and our co operation may prove mutually beneficial.

The details I'd most like to acquire would be of the luggers in light airs working, hoisting or lowering sail/anchor, maneuvering. I don't mind if the luggers are modern.
Only the most knowing observers will know there are differences between 1805 luggers and those of today.

For the intended scene I have found what are probably the only 2 illustrations of Pickle made from eye witness accounts (most 'Pickle' paintings are bit of a pickle = wrong).
See the 'further reading' pages on to decide if you agree or disagree.

The intention is to show Pickle, on the calm hazy November morning of 04.11.05 as she ghosted under full sail plus across the outer Mounts bay to pass the Lizard for Falmouth.
We know Pickle regularly patrolled Cornish waters between 1802 and 1805 so would have been 'known' to the men of Mousehole where it is locally proudly claimed the  then sensational Trafalgar news was first announced in England.

Pickle was a Plymouth ship and often worked Cornish waters including fighting several sharp actions with French privateers.

It is in my view contrary to some leading academics, it is quite likely crew members might have recognized each other, have been family so if Pickle passed close to a group of luggers the Trafalgar news would in = evitable have been passed, cousin Jack to cousin Jack.

Any 'working' photos you can refer me to or advice on appearance and rigging would be appreciated as would having an expert check my luggers before the painting goes on show."

"As promised I attach copies of the 2 new paintings"

The first two are sketches and the final two "Pickle Approaching the Lizard" and "Trafalgar Messenger"


Gordon FrickersGordon FrickersGordon FrickersGordon Frickers

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Anna Cattermole:

Here are some stunning sketches by Anna Cattermole. She is the artist in residence with Luke Powell of "Working Sail", documenting the build of his pilot cutter the 42ft "Freja" - "From the Loft Floor". Anna has forthcoming exhibitions in Devon and Cornwall, including Truro and Totnes. Her website shows the following images in far superior detail - November 2011.

Anna CattermoleAnna CattermoleAnna CattermoleAnna Cattermole

Anna CattermoleAnna CattermoleAnna CattermoleAnna Cattermole

Anna CattermoleAnna CattermoleAnna CattermoleAnna CattermoleAnna Cattermole

The website has other interesting nautical sketches including a project about the Newlyn fishing industry:

Anna CattermoleAnna CattermoleAnna CattermoleAnna Cattermole

Thanks Anna - MH

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Jean-Marie Guivarc'h

Sketches by Jean-Marie Guivarc'h on Happy Return's visit to l'Aberwrac'h August 2010

The following sketches were kindly sent from Jean-Marie with permission to include them on our web; his blog contains more interesting sketches.

Happy Return l'Aberwrac'h August 2010l'Aberwrac'h August 2010

l'Aberwrac'h August 2010l'Aberwrac'h August 2010